Our team

Our professional conduct and innovative strength is due to our team’s expertise. Supporting you is our top priority. We are constantly developing our skills through regular training and further education. Appreciation and participation are essential motivators and thus the number one success factor. We work hand in hand, focused on results and in the best interest of our customers.

Acceptance of container orders
Kevin Oswald
Telephone    040 5475467-12
E-Mail     kevin.oswald(at)gebrueder-fabian.de

Management assistance
Yvonne Martin
Telephone    040 5475467-21
E-Mail     yvonne.martin(at)gebrueder-fabian.de

Sales transactions
Petra Schweng
Telephone    040 5475467-13
E-Mail     petra.schweng(at)gebrueder-fabian.de

Maren Grasshoff
Telephone    040 5475467-14
E-Mail     maren.grasshoff(at)gebrueder-fabian.de

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